WCCAS – Arbitrating Your Way to a Speedier Trial

Speed up your litigation – the role of arbitrators in case management and other pre-trial proceedings

The court system has become increasingly ineffective for resolving commercial disputes. Delays in all aspects of pre-trial procedural steps in many jurisdictions are unacceptable. Judges are overworked and unavailable to resolve procedural disputes that stand in the way of getting to trial. Case management of complex litigation can improve efficiencies and access to justice.

Arbitrators can play an important role in all pre-trial proceedings for parties whose disputes are in the court system. They can act as case managers to move cases more quickly and effectively to trial. They can hear contested pre-trial applications with much less delay than a judge. The panel will explore the roles arbitrators can play in the litigation process and how their decisions will be enforceable.


  • Dan McDonald
  • Jack Marshall KC
  • The Honourable Kristine Eidsvik KC
  • Robert Deane


Jun 04 2024


11:30 am - 12:30 pm


The National Club
303 Bay Street, Toronto